a twinkle of light - to communicate, to live, to love...

Standing at the helm of the Santa Maria off the coast of Bermuda in 1492, Christopher Columbus was captivated by a faint light “like the light of a candle moving up and down” in the water. At first, he mistook it for a sign of land, but it wasn’t: It was the unexplained phenomenon that sailors knew as “the burning of the sea.” 
It had been known for centuries—Greek sailors attributed odd twinkles and eerie glows to the powers of the god Poseidon or one of his nymphs.

Today, we know the phenomenon as tiny planktonic creatures that twinkle blue, thanks to the same bioluminescent enzymes that give fireflies their glow. 

In the depths of the ocean, the only light available is the one these creatures create themselves; they use it to communicate, to find food, to find love, and to warn off predators. 

For us, it provides a stunning shoreside glimpse into the oddities of our oceans and remains a source of inspiration when it comes to designing our products. 10% of our turnover is dedicated to support different social and environmental projects. 
Despite being a very small company, we believe that sometimes all it takes is a small light, a glimpse in the dark to communicate, to love or to create hope.

Welcome to OCEANLIGHTS - we´re very proud you're here!

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